With the dominant law applied in matters of Private Law in the UAE being Sharia law, we at Senat understand the importance of having qualified legal advice concerning succession, guardianship of children and wealth protection in the UAE. Our legal knowledge extends from Sharia regulations to inheritance laws in alternate jurisdictions in order that family interests and assets may be protected for the benefit of subsequent generations regardless of jurisdiction.

Preparation of Last Will and Testament

Drafting of Wills for non-Muslims made under the jurisdiction of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as well as preparation of Last Will and Testament and full estate planning in other jurisdictions.Read More

Administration of estates

Executorship appointment, probate applications and multi-jurisdictional estate dissolution.

Wealth management

Offering solutions to business and investment structuring in order to mitigate legal risk and exposure.

Creation of Trusts and Foundations

For safeguard of assets we provide options for families, businesses, and for investors with framework designed to deliver on stewardship, inheritance protection and governance solutions.

Commissioner of Oaths

We are able to authenticate your documents for use outside of UAE, including the following :

  • Affidavits and power of attorney
  • Certified true copy of passports and identification documents
  • Consent to travel, company documents and other legal forms
  • Identity confirmation and witnessing services

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